Anxiety, like an avalanche, builds and builds until one tiny disturbance causes the whole collected mass to come crashing down. Keeping this mass at bay is something I struggle with everyday. Avalanche  is an introspective view of my anxiety and how it effects my life and the people around me. I sought to capture the subtle and quiet ways in which it manifests, while suggesting the complex and very real emotions brought on by my anxiety.

In Avalanche, I created relationships with nature and the human form. While these relationships seem genuine, one can't help but notice a sense of strangeness, tension, and apprehension. This is how anxiety plays it's part in life; a facade of normalness covering layers and layers of stress, seclusion, and exhaustion. I know that this is a part of who I am and who I will always be, but realizing that fact is much different than understanding it. I hope that documenting my forms of anxiety will help me comprehend the relationship between trigger and panic, beyond symptoms and treatments. 

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